Matt Update

Matt had surgery tonight. The surgeon went in to remove blood clots and to stop bleeding. There's a lot of swelling in his brain and they couldn't put the bone plate back in.

Right now, things are pretty much at the wait and see stage.

Several of us are going to see what we can do to help Matt's family tomorrow. Obviously, there will be no income from his job. His wife will need to be off work as well. We'll likely set up a fund to help them get through this and I'll update you as we figure things out.

I'll be posting word on Matt's condition as it comes in.

P.S. Comment comment comment! I will print out whatever comments that appear here or on Matt's site and take them to the hospital. Mrs. Matt has expressed her gratitude for all who have offered their kind thoughts and prayers. They are much appreciated.

P.P.S. Anyone who can figure out what the hell is wrong with the MT Blacklist on my site should email me at Dagoddess at G(ee)Mail. Com and I'll give you the necessary keys to the thing for you to fix them.

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