EEGs, CTs, and the Eyes

The CT was done and showed no new bleeds. A clot was identified but the doctors don't seem worried about it.

The EEG showed that Matt's not "brain dead", which we all knew. It's just good to hear it officially. Nothing was said about other damage, but that's okay. There's plenty of time for that.

The eyes...Matt opened his eyes spontaneously. Several times. And he was able to open them in response to Mrs. Matt. He even opened them for Smash last night!

I have been stuck at home with a with a belly ache for a couple of days. I'm excited about Matt's progress, but I really want to see it for myself!

I've had some wonderful input from an ICU (neuro) nurse. She's helped fill in the blanks. I've worked with many patients, but not at this level of care and/or acuity. It's good to have expert input.

Don't forget to leave comments. They're being printed out and read to Matt. His wife said that he gets "twitchy" when she reads them to him and it's good to think that he's hearing your words of love and encouragement.

The medical team was able to obtain an x-ray and discovered the pneumonia. Chances are, a nurse was assessing him and noticed a change in lung sounds. That's how many pneumonias are found. This particular group of nurses rock! I'm not surprised they caught this so early.

So, the pneumonia's being treated. They caught it early enough that there shouldn't be any major complications.

The EEG is still pending, as are the angiogram and the CT. The EEG will likely be the first test done when the docs give the word.

In other news, Smash has set up a special separate PayPal account just for Matt. We're going to help take care of some of the family's living expenses since Matt won't be working for a long time

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