Tuesday news

I spoke with Mrs. Matt a while ago and this is the update I received:

Sedation was lowered and Matt responded. The nurse was wiping his face with a cloth, he seemed to like it, and turned toward her. She told him to turn his head back the other way but he wouldn't do so. Mrs. Matt told him to turn his head toward her, and he did!

At one point, Mrs. Matt was talking to her friend about him and he pulled her arm. She asked him if he wanted her to stop talking about him and he pulled her arm again. She stopped talking about him and he relaxed.

They've reduced his blood pressure medication because his blood pressure has come down. Yay!

His blood pressure and his ICP are lowest when his daughter is by his side.

This is all good news. Very good news. Still, he's not out of the woods yet. The doctor has told Mrs. Matt that there is brain damage, no doubt about it. How much? They don't know yet. And the stroke occurred in the part of the brain that controls personality and cognitive ability. Matt may not be the same guy he was before.

There will be more info later. I'm working on the plane ticket front right now and fielding a million phone calls. I'll be back.

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